Dostinex Tab Treatment

Why is my doctor recommended for Dostinex Tab?

Dostinex Tab is a treatment pill used to lower the hormone called prolactin from the pituitary gland (the tumor is located at the base of the brain). If you have prolactinoma (a function of prolactin by a group of cells in the pituitary), cabergoline therapy may also be used as the size of the swelling for the pituitary gland.

How do I take cabergoline?

Dostinex tablets is a long-acting drug, which should only be taken once or twice a week. Your doctor will recommend the appropriate one for you.

Side effects are reduced if you take cabergoline with food.

Dostinex Tab Common Side effects

Dostinex Tab may cause you to feel dizzy, especially when you get up quickly. It may also cause nausea or headache. These side effects are alleviated by taking cabergoline with food. Your specialist will also recommend starting with a low dose of cabergoline and gradually increasing the dose if necessary, to reduce the risk of developing these side effects. These side effects are more likely to be resolved when your body uses the drug.

Cabergoline Rare Side effects

In patients using cabergoline to treat Parkinson’s disease (a non-traumatic brain injury in the elderly), of the twelve cases used to treat prolactinomas, ischemic heart disease. The most rare form of heart disease has been reported in patients taking low-dose Dostinex price to treat prolactinomas. Your doctor will listen to your heartbeat before starting cabergoline treatment. They may also arrange an echocardiogram if you require long-term treatment with cabergoline. If you are concerned that you are breathing heavily or develop an ankle swelling, you should notify your physician or endocrinologist (hospital specialist). Rarely, cabergoline can cause major psychological or behavioral problems, such as a desire to gamble or have sex. These problems usually resolve when treatment stops. If you are concerned that you may have this effect, you should consult with your physician or endocrinologist.

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