Business Development in Japan

For the majority of companies, the Japanese market is considered last, if at all. Japan is veiled in myth and mystery, and there is an ever present thought that doing business there will take just too long and require too much effort to be worthwhile.

Our view is that this is no more true for Japan than for any other foreign market. Frequently, Japanese companies can be more receptive to new technologies than the West. With the correct contacts and strategy, deals can be achieved here as quickly as any where else.

With extensive relationships and active knowledge of working practices in Japan, we can develop and implement a business development plan to achieve results as effectively as possible. Our ability to deliver is based upon:

14 years experience of discovery contract research sales to the Japanese pharmaceutical market.
Proven success of long-term >$1m contracts with many major companies
Extensive current and ongoing contacts at all important levels and functions – Senior Scientist, Research Planning, Licensing, Director and CEO.
Knowledge of working with Japanese companies and their decision-making processes from 50+ visits.

Of course, if you are a Japanese company seeking to develop business in Europe, our experience can equally be of use to you.